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Sod Varieties Available

419 Bermuda

Ideal for golf course fairways and tees. It is also used on football, soccer and baseball fields due to its ability to recover quickly from wear and stand up to heat and sun. Use 419 Bermuda for any sod and turfgrass needs for high use or highly visible areas in warm climates.

Z52 Zoysia

Flexible warm season turfgrass utilized for many applications. Meyers Z-52 has become the most popular of the Zoysia grasses because of its uniform medium texture and tolerances for heat and cold. It provides a plush, high density, deep green cover mid-April through early October in the Southwest. Recommended for residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, athletic fields and recreation areas.


Well adapted to the sandy, acidic soils of low fertility and requires low maintenance. It spreads by stolons and has a coarse texture with short upright stems that grow to about 3 to 5 inches and requires less mowing. Survives in mild cold temperatures as long as there are not several hard freezes It does not go into a true dormancy and with light freezes will turn brown, but when the temperature rises it will recover and regreen.

Why choose us

Brian and Adam Newman are 3rd generation sod farmers. The farm was established in 1972 and is run today with the same values as when the farm was established.
When you call Coosa Valley Sod Farm to discuss your sod needs, you will be talking directly with the owners. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, much of our business comes from repeat customers or from word of mouth advertisement.
When you buy your sod from Coosa Valey Soid Farm, it is fresh cut on our farm in Wilsonville AL.
You will recieve a great quality product for a very competetive price. Call us for a quote.

Seasonal Care tips

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